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Emma Watson M4RV3LSDUNGEONSNEWV25_mD25 stablediffusionb3931 Emma Watson LoRA comic style:1.1 line art:1.2 Soft Light: 1. 4 Cinematic Masterpiece Cinematic Spotlight beautifully detailed glow ambient shadows ambient light ray tracing reflections better lighting extremely beautiful Cinematic Light Soft High saturation vivid colors colorful:1.3 beautiful gorgeous stunning centered hero pose realistic a sexy girl 1girl solo Ironman cosplay Beautiful European girl who stands confidently in the center of the page with a pretty face splashed with vibrant colors giving the poster a dynamic and visually striking Magazine: 1. 3 Cover Style: 1. 3 good design Realistic: 1. 4 Professional photography detailed material textures ironman small head:1.3 good proportions good anatomy perfect body good lighting dynamic poses power poses complex detailed realistic detailed fabric textures Magazine cover photo Pure color background Solid color background black red gold mixed with abstract background mature adult:1.33 dynamic pose power pose in Ironman suit Ironman without helmet Flowing hair long hair:1.3 Very beautiful girl Full body armor coverage 1 18-year-old girl perfect face cute gold eyes red lips:1.1 beautiful eyes:1.4 sexy pose Brown hair:1.1 Red Armored Gloves Smooth skin red lips beautiful moving eyes watery eyes beautiful face sexy body Metallic armor night:1.2 starry sky moonlight Serious expressions serious look yellow eyes medium breasts cowboy shot no humans:1.6 blurry background:1.2 lora:Euro-AmericanDollLikeness_V20:0.4 lora:Emma Watson:0.7 American Girl The dreamy background the blurred background in the universe in the galaxy Chest light emits a golden glow Behind her are the stars the sky is full of starlight Hair flowing Simple background black background Traveling in Space Long fluffy sleek brown hair