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Landsknecht realistic copaxtimeless_copaxTimelessBright antiwhite Vibrance (__)_ParMiGiaNo-Ilust5ant-0.2RS1DS passinghunter1214911 Landsknecht holding a great sword Hyperrealistic art 1girl lora:Landsknecht:0.74 landsknecht dress solo hat feather long sleeves armor plume hat full body Imagine a breathtaking oil painting portraying a female Landsknecht in the heart of ancient Cologne. The canvas captures the warrior's secure stand with legs spread confidently symbolizing strength and resilience. The historical architecture of Cologne forms a majestic backdrop painted with meticulous detail to showcase the rich textures and ornate designs of the ancient structures. The artist skillfully uses warm earthy tones to evoke the timeless charm of the city while contrasting the vibrant hues of the Landsknecht's attire against the backdrop lora:painting-style_EB_Leighton_resize:0.49 EB_Leighton lora:bichu-v0612:0.43 oil painting painting strokes The play of light and shadow accentuates the warrior's features creating a dynamic interplay that highlights the confident and determined expression on her face. The oil strokes elegantly depict the intricate details of her Landsknecht clothing with slashed sleeves and vibrant colors adding a touch of Renaissance flair The composition captures a moment frozen in time balancing the historical allure of ancient Cologne with the indomitable spirit of the female Landsknecht. The overall effect is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends strength history and artistic finesse on the canvas. full body view:0.86 lora:full body_tachi-e:0.88 masterpiece:1.3 extremely intricate photorealistic:1.4 extremely delicate ultra realistic:1.3 CG unity 8k wallpaper HDR RAW photo dslr front lighting fantasy elegant lifelike photorealistic digital painting realistic skin texture soft light sharp:1.2 lora:kkw-better-v1.0a:0.31 crisp image sharp image clear image vivid image noiseless image lora:GoodHands-vanilla:0.78 lora:realistic:0.35 lora:copaxtimeless_copaxTimelessBright:0.23 OverallDetail lora:antiwhite:0.45 lora:Vibrance:0.7 prettify:1.4 by James Jean and Norman Rockwell realistic pin up illustration vivid color finely detailed hyper detailed 8k high resolution illustration intricate detail 4K highest quality:1.0 ultra-detailed face:1.0 ultra-detailed eyes:1.0 seductive elegant pose mascara:1.1 highres by Gil Elvgren by Armando Huerta by Oda Non official art ultra-detailed perfect face:1.2 modern make-up:1.0 high detail:1.2 ultra-detailed body ambient light ray tracing brilliant eyes:1.0 eyelashes:1.3 sharpen image naughty face prettify prettyeyes:1.2 . Extremely high-resolution details photographic realism pushed to extreme fine texture incredibly lifelikelora:ParCam-LCM-2:1.0
lucyCyberpunk_35Epochs LoraJapaneseIdolCostume_v10 koreandolllikeness_V10 beautifuleyeslikeness_purefacelikeness fantasticmixReal_v30 michin fantasticmix 1girl teenage lucy \cyberpunk\ white jacket open jacket short shorts bodysuit detached sleeves hip vent pouch white hair bangs:1.6 asymmetric hair:1.1 short hair multicolor hair beautiful detailed hair hair blowing red eyeliners midriff smile naughty face detailed face white skin big eyes looking at viewer:1.4 from below facing viewer latexbodysuit covered navel covered mouth kneehighs red circles on the eyes v-shaped_eyebrows outdoors:1.5 electronic instruments wires and water pipes unreal engine fine portrayal Cyberpunk:1.2 bright focusing Tindal effect HD photography style pink or green neon from back :1.2 night sky highways light signs road stars starry sky moon light detailed clear ripple Colorful aurora dynamic luminous strong dynamic poses various clutter and mess in background:1.1 lush detailed stunning dynamic perspective shot medium shot portrait colorful light vanishing point atmospheric perspective masterpiece best quality award-winning work 8k RAW photo huge filesize absurdres ultra high res best shadow physics-based rendering an extremely delicate and beautiful extremely detailed amazing finely detail official art beautiful detailed girl light on face:1.2 hyperrealistic:1.5 High quality facial lighting:1.2 cinematic lighting intricate High Detail dramatic photorealistic:1.2 lora:lucyCyberpunk_35Epochs:0.7 lora:LoraJapaneseIdolCostume_v10:0.3 lora:koreandolllikeness_V10:0.2 lora:beautifuleyeslikeness_purefacelikeness:0.3