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humv33 zeekars postapocalypse3 aZovyaPhotoreal_v2 Barmagloth Badass Cars Create a cinematic filmic image 4k 8k with George Miller's Mad Max style side view:1.5. The image should be captured in a wide-angle view and depict single a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland single HUMVEE as a centerpiece of the image lora:humv33:0.7 Focus on HUMVEE distinct two round headlights positioned at the front giving it a recognizable appearance. Highlight the square-shaped windshields that contribute to its utilitarian design. Depict the boxy and sturdy body of the vehicle emphasizing its ruggedness and durability. Showcase the large robust tires that enable the HUMVEE to conquer challenging terrains. Pay attention to accurate proportions and details to ensure a realistic representation of the HUMVEE's physical attributes. Its tires churns up the dry earth beneath creating a magnificent sand dust cloud that billows outwards trailing in the car's wake. The image should be ultra-realistic with high-resolution captured in natural light. The lighting should create soft shadows and showcase the raw and vibrant colors of the car. The image should be a highly-detailed photography set in a post-nuclear fallout like setting conveying a sense of danger and grittiness. The final image should be a masterpiece with a realistic portrayal of the HUMVEE that is both intimidating and awe-inspiring. Background should contain empty wasteland road image takes place before the storm with the hot summer sun still shining brightly in the sky but in the distance the sky is a dark and foreboding shade of blue hinting at an impending storm. lora:zeekars:0.5 lora:postapocalypse3:0.7