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Intense images generated with AI

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nijiarmor_anime_v2 NijiExpressV2 PastelDiffusedMixV2.2 PastelDiffusion PastelDiffusedMix masterpiece best quality ultra-detailed very detailed illustrations extremely detailed intricate details highres masterfully crafted glow:1.4 lens flare:1.3 super complex details extremely detailed 8k cg wallpaper cowboy shot caustics reflection ray tracing demontheme nebula dark aura cyber effect alone mecha musume mechanical parts robot joints single mechanical arm headgear mechanical halo star halo intricate white and violet mechanical ninja suit violet purple glow:1.2 violet suit lights mecha corset full armor very long translucent hair bioluminescent white hair:1.2 hair glow:1.4 hair between eyes colourful makeup indoors carbon fibre cool action pose:1.3 edgy:1.5 luminous white hair:1.4 blue eyes bright blue eyes:1.4 glowing eyes:1.4 eye trail:1.1 intense expression dynamic action hand on hip:1.2 cybernetic metal Lynx ears:1.3 thin metal cybernetic tail:1.4 lean ancient japanese architecture pond starry sky skyline sexy form fitting cyber suit:1.4 sexy futuristic ninja:1.2 headgear:0.8 futuristic glowing headphones the most beautiful form of chaos elegant a brutalist designed scary:1.3 horror:1.2 suspense:1.4 dramatic intense visual spectacle:1.3 latex torn down space station inside overgrown spaceship wear and tear dystiopian:1.1 vivid colours horror scene:1.1 dynamic:1.2 action scene powerful romanticism wearing cybernetic mask long flowing hair steam by james jean roby dwi antono ross tran francis bacon michal mraz adrian ghenie cybernetic ninja:1.3 glitch chromatic aberration petra cortright gerhard richter takato yamamoto ashley wood atmospheric ecstasy of musical notes forced perspective streaming musical notes visible splashes of colour absolutely eye-catching lens flare:1.2 Cinematic headlight caustic dynamic angle beautiful detailed glow ambient occlusion ambient light raytraced reflections best illumination an extremely delicate and beautiful cinematic light lora:nijiarmor_anime_v2:0.4 cyber effect:1.3 glowing suit lora:NijiExpressV2:0.2 magic void purple glowing floating wisps:1.7 sci-fi cinematic background:2 lora:AMechaSSScolor_theme headgear:0.3 paint splashes:1.4 coloured mist spray paint mist:1.2
inclinedPixelsV1_inclinedPixelsV1 Anzhc Inclined Pixels | V1 Aerial Perspective Aerial View Camera Far Away Surrealist art Impressionist painting texture Renaissance style cinematic photo Minimalist style Long exposure photo of HDR photo of Horror-themed Gothic style breathtaking analog film photo cinematic film still long shot scenic professional photograph of uploaded on e621 by Alena Aenami by Kenket by Pino Daeni by Ruan Jia by Ross Tran by Michael & Inessa Garmash by Bypbap. Tall grass Moss-covered rocks Ivy-clad trees Hanging vines Wildflowers Ferns Ancient trees Shrubs Dense undergrowth Bamboo groves. Cliff faces Craggy rocks Overgrown ruins Waterfalls Stone arches Ancient statues Ruined bridges Narrow ledges Hidden caves Hanging platforms. Oak tree Willow tree Pine tree Birch tree Redwood tree Palm tree Cedar tree. Shrine of Worship Temple of the Sun Sanctuary of the Sword Altar of Resurrection Temple of the Storm Temple of the Sea Temple of the Flame. Enigmatic statues Hidden passages Winding pathways Mysterious runes Ancient engravings Water-filled caverns Glowing sigils. WORLD OF SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS. Reimagining the world of Shadow Of The Colossus. Enigmatic solitary majestic melancholic epic atmospheric mysterious. Mystery beauty solitude grandeur wonder adventure serenity. perfect viewpoint highly detailed wide-angle lens hyper realistic with dramatic sky polarizing filter natural lighting vivid colors everything in sharp focus HDR UHD 64K . shallow depth of field vignette high budget bokeh cinemascope moody gorgeous film grain grainy . faded film desaturated 35mm photo grainy vintage Kodachrome Lomography stained found footage . award-winning professional highly detailed . Dark mysterious haunting dramatic ornate detailed . Eerie unsettling dark spooky suspenseful grim highly detailed . High dynamic range vivid rich details clear shadows and highlights realistic intense enhanced contrast highly detailed . Blurred motion streaks of light surreal dreamy ghosting effect highly detailed . Simple clean uncluttered modern elegant . 35mm photograph film 4k highly detailed . Realistic perspective light and shadow religious or mythological themes highly detailed top down close-up . Loose brushwork vibrant color light and shadow play captures feeling over form . Dreamlike provocative symbolic intricate detailed