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nightvisionXLPhotorealisticPortrait_beta0681Bakedvae Polyhedron_AI Polyhedron_all SDXL 1.0 / skin, hands, eyes (m/f) fashion shot pictorialist style sharp focus celluloid's unique character film grain focus on eyes raw photo realistic:1.5 rule of thirds dramatic lighting intricate background realism raw analog woman portrait photorealistic realism in the style of nathan wirth dean cornwell toni frissell hyperrealistic life ricoh r1 illustration ultra detailed photograph warm lighting 4k high resolution 8k uhd dslr high quality Fujifilm XT3 close up side portrait of a beautiful girl in a victorian rose garden:1.1 smirk she is wearing a victorian summer dress lace detailing vintage elegance romantic charm high neckline puffed sleeves ruffled accents femininity embroidered details pastel colors tea-length classic timeless empire waist flare skirt corset-inspired silhouette nostalgic enchanting dappled light on face no make-up detailed face and eyes detailed nose exquisite details and textures highly detailed detailed skin detailed eyes very thin eyebrows pale skin natural skin texture highly detailed skin:1.1 textured skin oiled shiny skin:0.5 skin blemish:1.3 moles:0.8 imperfect skin:1.5 intricate skin details visible skin detail detailed skin texture:1.1 oiled shiny ultra white skin:0.6 mascara skin pores:1.1 light freckles:0.3 skin fuzz blush:0.5 goosebumps:0.5 translucent skin subsurface scattering minor skin imperfections:1.2 wrinkles vitiligo spots brown spots:0.01 whiteheads blackheads white pimples:0.01 red pimples:0.01 beauty spot skin fuzz intense gaze round iris:1.1 circular iris:1.2 light reflections in the eyes visible cornea highly detailed iris tiny blood vessels in the eyes remarkable detailed pupils lora:polyhedron_all_sdxl-000005:0.5
majicmixSombre Merjic majicMIX sombre 麦橘唯美 lora:A_Fire_yuhuoshu:0.7 Fire Yohuoshu best quality masterpiece detailed 1girl Perfect Body 18 years old small breast portrait of a girl with small breasts who is a fire bender and has a phoenix pet. Her face is exquisitely detailed with captivating and gorgeous eyes that draw you in. She is dressed in a vibrant Chinese festival outfit adorned with intricate details and adorned with flower patterns. The outfit is complemented by elegant earrings and jewelry adding to her enchanting appearance. As she walks through Harajuku the atmosphere is cinematic and splendid with neon lights illuminating the surroundings and creating a bokeh effect. The background is intentionally blurry emphasizing the focus on the girl and her captivating presence. Her flowing hair cascades down seemingly glowing and catching the light while flames dance around her symbolizing her fire bending abilities. The scene is further enhanced by the presence of a lion dance adding an element of cultural celebration and vibrancy. Fireworks burst in the sky adding a sense of excitement and spectacle. The level of detail in the artwork is hyper-detailed ensuring that every aspect of the composition is intricately rendered. Camera angle: A medium close-up shot captures the girl's face and upper body emphasizing her striking features and the intricate details of her outfit. The camera angle is slightly tilted to add dynamism and enhance the cinematic feel of the scene Haircut model by Curtain bangs possed is Shoulder forward pose sharp black shooting angle is Rim lighting shot time is Golden Hour colored hair is Iridescent rainbow hair BREAK hyper realistic intricate design insanely detailed extremely fine details Extremely sharp lines cinematic lighting Photo realistic a detailed painting by Esao Andrews and Anton Fadeev Raw photo high detailed 8k UHD dslr softlighting HDR warm light high quality film grain fujifilm XT3 photorealistic hyper-detailed warm lighting soft lighting highest quality ultra detailed highres cinematic light splendid and colorful out of focus RAW photograph art portrait absurdres high contrast colorful highest details