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The Predator - SDXL images generated with AI

Freek22 sd_xl_base_1.0 PhotobAIt The Predator - SDXL Predator1024 hidden in the jungle detailed eyes highly detailed photography ultra sharp film bokeh professional 4k lora:add-detail-xl:1.5 lora:Predator1024-000280:0.8 full body 4k lora:add-detail-xl:1.5 lora:Predator1024-000280:0.6 sideview in waiting line at starbuck Predator, open mouth spaceship ruins background raining fire Ray tracing,4K 8K a woman sexy pose in the jungle photo very realistic autumn scene with a group of mushrooms professional photography Predator1024 wearing an old hunting t shirt shirt and grey sweat pants holding a laundry basket of dirty skulls in his hands indoor setting in a laundromat highly intricate extremely detailed big depth of field cinematic lighting stunning breathttaking predator arms and hands Create a stunning photorealistic visual representation of a riverside park landscape with a bridge on a fall day. trending on artstation sharp focus studio photo intricate details by greg rutkowski At the Threshold of the HorizonInstructions: Create an image capturing a solitary figure standing at the edge of a reflecting pool with a sunset or sunrise in the background. No trees will be represented. The atmosphere must be serene and contemplative. Visual elements: A human figure seen from behind detailed just enough to evoke an introspective posture. A horizon where the sky blends with the water creating a perfect reflection. Shades of colors ranging from soft yellow to dark blue representing the transition between day and night. Tone: Inspire a sense of calm and personal reflection. Evoke themes of solitude inner peace and the infinity of possibilities. Composition: The silhouette must be centered standing like a hinge between the sky and its reflection. The sky should take up two thirds of the image to emphasize the immensity and importance of the natural environment Cairo high defination high quality high resolution perfect composition perfect art very attractive image
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