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SithoutfitV2 CyberPunkAI more_details majicmixHorror_v1 Merjic majicMIX horror 麦橘恐怖 a girl dressed in a sthoutfit The hunt in the alley Red kimono Black shorts Long black army boots A graceful stance Silk clothing Lightsaber in hand dark atmosphere dark theme Cyberpunk Japanese Street science fictionStar Wars:1.4 Aggressive style haute couture designer clothes:1.4 domineering proud mighty woman aesthetics:1.4 masterpiece:1.4 realistic:1.3 finely detailed quality detailed skin:1.3 dramatic insane details intricate details highly detailed high resolution HDR vivid colors:1.3 color full:1.3 ultra detailed 8k cg extremely absurd Midnight Neon light Stand high Black gloves:1.4 perfect beautiful realistic face mature female Tall in stature 1girl nice girl gorgeous girl solo huge breasts perfect female body Haughty smile sneer:1.3 Mole under eye:1.2 heavy makeup:1.1 black lips beautiful lips extremely detailed face col dattitude eyeshadow eyeline femme fatale:1.5 incredibly beautiful black hair with Pink color streaks straight hair blunt bangs sneer Fancy hair exquisite hair:1.3 stunning gorgeous japanese gothgirl hakama skirt:0.9 sexy alluring attractive hot enchanting seductive erotic thick thighs athletic wide hips narrow waist athletic body:1.1 subsurface scattering reflections eflections realistic hair ultra detailed eyes Realistic eyes looking at viewer Detail hands realistic hands realistic legs eautiful legs realistic skin skin pores sweat shiny skin:1.3 wet skindentation clean skin depth of field:1.6 photorealistic:1.2 ray tracing soft lighting bokeh photorealistic caustics best quality film grain:1.4 RAW photo:1.2 lora:hakama v10:0.5 HAKAMA SKIRT lora:SithoutfitV2:1 sthoutfit lora:CyberPunkAI:0.5 CYBERPUNKAI NEON lora:~Q?-QlN;Rhime cut:0.6 lora:curly_hair_slider_v11:-3 lora:more_details:0.5