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DynamicWang AWPainting absurdres highres ultra detailed BREAK Create an image using a prism effect with light refracting and creating a colorful kaleidoscopic appearance. BREAK Design an image with a fisheye lens effect capturing a wide field of view with a distinctive curved perspective. BREAK Capture a forest path with towering trees dappled sunlight and a sense of tranquility and natural beauty. BREAK ruins wreckage rubble desolation castle earlier temple empires of the east airship birds villages waterfalls splashes steam bricks tiles wasteland tribes port city markets country fair bazaar crowds cargo a sea of people docks goods dust mountains nature forest rocks river wood smoke shadows contrast clear sky constellations Milky Way peaceful serene quiet tranquil remote secluded adventurous exploration escape independence survival resourcefulness challenge perseverance stamina endurance observation intuition adaptability creativity imagination artistry inspiration beauty awe wonder gratitude appreciation relaxation enjoyment rejuvenation mindfulness awareness connection harmony balance texture detail realism depth perspective composition color light shadow reflection refraction tone foreground middle ground background naturalistic figurative representational impressionistic expressionistic innovative experimental unique broad boundless bird's-eye view wide angle height difference armor magic fantasy cliffs ancient Chinese architecture mortise and tenon stone piers sculptures royalty parade cheers ribbons salutes lively bustling emotion and a striking visual impact lora:add_detail:0.8 lora:hipoly3DModelLora_v20:0.2 lora:Niji:0.5 lora:FilmG3:0.6
Yamer Realistic NSFW Yamer SDXL Yamer's Realistic 5 👁‍🗨🖼️📷 "a photography of a young naked woman stands with a pose with one foot elegantly raised on a rustic chair and spread legs. background public cafe with large audience people. nude xlikespread" "centered face photography face portrait | woman looking at viewer aqua hair color short hair | blue hoodie" "ultra wide angle shot cinematic style 8k RAW photo photo-realistic masterpiece best quality highres extremely detailed intricate details absurdres resolution High quality texture detailed texture vivid color professional lighting radiosity photon mapping physically-based rendering High quality shadow Ray tracing perfect body perfect face Sony A7 extremely beautiful eyes 1girl denim miniskirt miniskirt belt solo navel shirt midriff crop top large breasts underboob:1.2 outdoors loose socks:1.1 bangs long hair full body t-shirt short sleeves standing footwear light smile:0.8 gothic makeup:1.1 dynamic pose:0.6 "Raw photo of giant dwayne johnson with curly white hair as Geralt from Witcher" "Authentic moody portrayal of an ancient graveyard mist rolling between tombstones. The air is thick with fog and faint apparitions seem to wander aimlessly. An old gnarled tree stands sentinel its branches resembling skeletal hands Eerie unfiltered capture of an old Victorian mansion its windows aglow with ghostly blue light. Cobwebs drape from every corner and shadowy figures seem to loom behind the glass. A murder of crows takes flight silhouetted against the full moon adding to the spine-chilling atmosphere" "Ultra Realistic an impressive splendid Cerebrus in an amazing environment High contrast transparency translucency intricate picture lots of details Amazing lighting hard shadows Colorful Hyper Realistic High quality Highly detailed Sharp focus 8K UHD Pro photography trending on artstation photograph absurdres ultra detailed blond hair straight hair french hair parted bangs bangs serafuku tiara high heel boots sci-fi flower garden evening" "venom costume glamour shot of a unicorn with rainbow in background and rainbow sparkles coming from its behind an angry cat winter night heavy snowfall snowstorm realistic" "trees portrait of a woman cyberpunk tearing fracture array stainless glass creases skintight BREAK rough sketch black white red by beksinski:1.3 thick line art sharp focus:1.2 Ilya Kuvshinov Leiji Matsumoto:1.3 dark night venom influence" cinematic lighting plague and pestilence devour your soul fire smoke and brimstone" "girl with a pretty face white hair purple eyes sexy school uniform wearing a stylish very sexy school uniform with a funny expression on her face Hellwalker incombing death hell black bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness oozing thick yellow blood veins growing and pumping blood male body:1.6 1 man vascular networks growing connecting explanding red veins everywhere zdzislaw beksinski sharp colors:1.3 rainbow skin:1.1 Infrared:1.2 intricate oil on canvas dry brush ultra sharp surrealism:1.4 disturbing:1.5 beksinski style painting satanic symbols full torso full body in f