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difConsistency_photo matWomen_v3 ZeldaTOTK best_model_v1 MoosieMoose Princess Zelda | The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom lora:difConsistency_photo:0.3 lora:difConsistency_photo:0.4 kkw-ph1 punk/goth/metal 1girl lora:ClothingAdjuster:-0.6 Sandal BREAK BREAK lora:matWomen_v3:0.2 woman as princess Zelda lora:ZeldaTOTK:0.6 ZeldaTOTK jewelry blond hair anger vein Expressive hand animations from behind real-time character interaction advanced material blending high-quality fur simulation dynamic character shading stylized filters adaptive depth of field silhouette rendering V-cut long layers dramatic angles modern edge detailed eyes+face:1.3 photorealistic:1.5 low contrast subsurface scattering photorealistic hair dynamic eye shading facial animation natural lighting depth of field cinematic lighting matte ultrarealistic RAW photo ray traced cinematic hard lighting realistic shadows detailed textures BREAK photorealistic realistic face medium breasts beautifully detailed woman detailed mouth extremely detailed eyes_and_face beautiful attractive face beautiful detailed eyes pronounced feminine feature matte eyeshadow eyelashes eyeliner perfect body smooth skin BREAK color HD photo full body high quality photo masterpiece HDR 8K resolution analogue RAW DSLR best quality absurdres vivid vibrant colors skin pores intricate detail intricately detailed face_and_eyes realistic human hands sophisticated detail realistic lighting sharp focus centerfold bokeh official art 8k wallpaper ultra high res professional photography