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Frida Kahlo Yamer SDXL Yamer's Realistic 5 👁‍🗨🖼️📷 Yamer Realistic v2 The darkness within tearing you apart is depicted in a stunning hyper-detailed painting style of Clive Barker venom influence 1girl feminine figure the mind electric schizophrenia voices murders remorse Think of these thoughts as limitless light Exposing closing circuitry of fright Think of each moment holding this breath As death minute in decimal Resident minor how do you plead? We'll need your testimony on the stand Solemnly swear to tell the whole truth So help you son now raise your right hand Father your honor may I explain? My brain has claimed its glory over me I've a good heart albeit insane Condemn him to the infirmary All mine towers crumble down the flowers gasping under rubble Shrieking in the hall of lull thy genius saves a thirst for trouble Scattering sparks of thought energy Deliver me and carry me away Here in my kingdom I am your Lord I order you to cower and pray Nuns commence incanting as the lightning strikes mine temples thus:0.5 Electrifying mine chambers wholly scorching out thine sovereignty so spiraling down thy majesty I beg of thee have mercy on me I was just a boy you see I plead of thee have sympathy for me See how the serfs work the ground see how they fall And they give it all they've got And you give it all you've got 'til you're down See how the brain plays around And you fall inside a hole you couldn't see And you fall inside a hole inside a- Someone help me Understand what's going on inside my mind Doctor I can't tell if I'm not me When it grows bright the particles start to Marvel having made it through the night Never they ponder weather electric Calming if you look at it right! hawaii part ii full body close up:1.5 frilly hairstyle latex dress torso body 8k ultra-detailed highres rainbow skin shattered glass skin shattering skin best quality masterpiece:1.2 cracked skin deformad neon light:1.3 soft particles of fractal fire volumetric lighting dolphin shorts yellow shorts sitting sneakers highly detailed incombing death hell black bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness oozing thick yellow blood veins growing and pumping blood chaos body pure chaos girl vascular networks growing connecting explanding red veins everywhere zdzislaw beksinski sharp colors:1.3 Infrared:1.2 intricate oil on canvas vector art ultra sharp soft light sharp:1.2 detailed backlighting succubus girl chaos energy colorful rainbow skin:1.3 god complex mechanical arms upper body cinematic lighting intricate details trees portrait of a woman cyberpunk tearing fracture array stainless glass creases realistic ultra realistic skintight black white red by beksinski:1.3 thick line art sharp focus:1.2 Ilya Kuvshinov Leiji Matsumoto:1.3 dark night