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add_detail Furtastic_Detailer Faputa coconutFurryMix2_coconut20Classic YukiLaneige Coconut furry mix 2 lora:detailed_eye-10:1 lora:add_detail:1 lora:Furtastic_Detailer:1 award winning photography masterpiece fashion photography Prime lens wildlife photography three-quarter view slightly above solo lying on the side on an ornamented couch Symphony of Fingers Coordinating finger movements in a synchronized manner resembling a graceful dance furry girl small breasts anthro rat Orange and rainbow fur with body dappled with dark spots cute young Upturned Bob Rainbow and blonde hair with pink strands ponytail small spread legs:0.5 Sad faputa lora:Faputa:0.3 Solid pastel maxi dress with metallic strappy sandals and a wide-brimmed hat feathered hair ornament detailed glasses kissing reflective eyes detailed and extremely fluffy body fur blushing chibi toned body glossy fur young adult thick thighs round thighs uploaded on e621 by Tarakanovich by manmosu marimo:0.5 by Demicoeur by castitas by totesfleisch8 by dagasi:0.5 by Reign-2004 lora:FurryCoreV2New-07:0.5 furrycore at the beach sunshine blue sky colorful sea-shells tropical concoctions and signature beach drinks Exquisite Tea Sets Fine porcelain tea set adorned with delicate paintings and gold accents gold trimmed ceramic cups filled with exotic tea detailed realistic 8k uhd high quality high quality photography 3 point lighting flash with softbox 4k Canon EOS R3 hdr smooth sharp focus high resolution award winning photo 80mm f2.8 bokeh
Milly Alcock epi_noiseoffset2 icbinpICantBelieveIts_v8 malcolmrey Milly Alcock best quality masterpiece detailed analog style award winning photo 1girl boudoir sharp focus dark:1.5 RAW close up shot of a 18 year old sks woman:1.4 Blonde Dutch braid hair:1.4 Looking at viewer:1.5 sks woman as a Spartan queen in ANCIENT ROMAN EMPIRE sitting on an ancient roman chair in a sexual dominant pose inside a dark ancient roman building wearing a loose dirty beige ancient roman traditional Toga with red accents:1.5 soft beautiful ultrarealistic face perfect teeth sharp jawline straight teeth soft tongue blushing toned body beautiful detailed mouth with full soft lips insanely detailed natural medium breasts fully clothed highly detailed skin oily skin Gold necklace:1.2 in the time of the ancient Roman Empire raised eye brows Confident facial expression dirty clothes:1.1 hot warm sexy attractive blush sahara red:1.4 dirty clothes:1.2 dirt on skin rough skin oily skin:1.4 glistening skin atmospheric warm lighting dust particles particles fire torches torch rembrand lighting:1.1 high contrast golden hour sunset fire causes intense rim lighting two tone lighting glow bloom cinematic shot + dynamic composition incredibly detailed sharpen details + intricate detail + f1.2 + 85mm + anamorphic + cinematography + bokeh + film grain + HDR10 + 8K UHD cinematic no watermark absurdres hdr cinematic sensual Vivid colors Simplified style trending on ArtStation trending on CGSociety Intricate Vibrant colors Soft Shading Simplistic Features Sharp Angles Playful white balance masterpiece lora:epi_noiseoffset2:1.2 Game of Thrones lyco:fitgirl_v10:0.2 ripped navel lora:btpt-fC_v1.2a:0.2 btpt-fc alessio albi nina masic photography by Richard Avedon lyco:locon_millyalcock_v1_from_v1_64_32:1.3