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LowRA add_detail epi_noiseoffset2 LR icbinpICantBelieveIts_final smoonHacker Catherine Zeta-Jones - The Mask of Zorro 1998 detailed masterpiece realistic 1girl hyper realism award winning Raw photo extreme low angle close-up portrait shot:1.4 of beautiful mature catherinezj performing a seance in a wooden old dusty attic:1.6 intense expression:1.2 small natural breasts tattoo:1.2 summoning a demon:1.2 candle lighting pure darkness ripped navel two tone lighting:1.2 intense contrast writings on the walls:1.2 night time darkness highly detailed skin ultra detailed long wavy dark purple hair catherinezj wearing black leather pants and a black leather biker coat over a basic white t-shirt:1.2 demonic necklace black lipstick:1.4 dark eye shadow pale skin:1.2 wearing black lace choker:1.2 silver earrings purple glowing iris in the dark:1.5 BREAK giant pentagram made of blood on the wall behind woman:1.3 stone ornaments surrounding female lowkey:1.2 gothic structure BREAK lora:LowRA:0.4 lora:add_detail:0.4 lora:epi_noiseoffset2:1.4 lora:PerfectFullBreasts-fCV3:0.6 lora:LR:0.4 BREAK wide-angle lens 200mm f1.2 shallow depth of field ISO 16000 dark atmosphere volumetric light caustics absurdres eye focus contrast dark scene warm orange tint professional color grading:1.6 BREAK floating dust particles bokeh:1.5 lensflare Lensdirt:1.7 HDR High Dynamic Range Ray Tracing NVIDIA RTX Super-Resolution Unreal 5 Subsurface scattering PBR Texturing Post-processing Anisotropic Filtering Extreme Depth-of-field Maximum clarity and sharpness Global illumination:1.2 GI Multi-layered textures Lumen Albedo and Specular maps Surface shading Accurate simulation of light-material interaction Perfect proportions Octane Render Two-tone lighting Wide aperture White balance Rule of thirds 8K RAW Efficient Sub-Pixel sub-pixel convolution masterpiece cinematic lyco:catherinezj_zorro_lycor_01-000004:0.9 catherinezj