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realisticelves_Lora300 protogenX53Photorealism_10 darkstorm2150 Protogen x5.3 (Photorealism) Official Release photorealistic:1.3 full body ilustration of a japanese:1.4 elf 18 y. o. real girl:1.3 full body:1.4 intense look futuristic look necromancer Undead princess :1.3 white skin:1.3 wearing a atractive clothes small point elf ears:1.1 bones ornaments in clothes and hair:1.1 yukata v neckline with skulls ornaments:1.22 with traveler belts and bags on weist Intrincate silks:1.2 bones shoulder armor with a long cloak:1.3 bones around her natural goth makeup with green lips:1.2 skull earrings:1.2 Dark green and purple colors:1.2 absurdely black long Hair with geisha ornaments:1.3 petite and perfect breasts skinny body:1.2 Surrounded by skulls in green flames. Volumetric light undead rotting skin mystical nice perfect face with soft skin concept art portrait by greg rutkowski artgerm hyperdetailed intricately detailed splash art trending on artstation Purple ang green clothe colors beautifull colors unreal engine fantastical Splash art fantasy art 8k resolution oil painting skull geisha face paint :1.1 astral detailed clothes realistic japanese face green pupils realistic beauty detailed eyes:1.4. colorfull mystical rpg Swamp forest background Like magic the gathering:1.3 and She is summoning a lot of dead samurai skeletons from swamp:1.1 detailed anatomy. lora:realisticelves_Lora300:0.2 no under wear no bra dark Black hair bone armor:0.9 lora:coloredSkinBETACONCEPT_v106 1:0.8