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more_details Elixir b1bl1c4l majicmixHorror_v1 BixBit11 Mabo9317 Monster Girls The insect girl in the forest butterfly shaped face No human face face like a butterfly mask butterfly alien Big wings Spread one's wings A butterfly spreading its wings design for consistency Suitable design vitality Natural jungle plant:1.3 elegance beautiful gorgeous Sleepy eyes watery eyes sagacity Full of expectation Demon of grace,The atmosphere of the arrival of evil gods,Beautiful evil creatures,Become a monsterinsect Butterfly vivid details vibrant color palette:1.3 full body:0.4 wide shot wide-angle lens Panoramic depth of field:1.3 caustics 1girl refined seduction charm:1.4 detailed character design (Mythic religion A fantasy movie full of imagination Paranormal phenomenon,Horrible hallucinations:1.3) portrait of the curious, shiny skin:1.3 masterpiece best quality high details:1.3 multi-layered compositions Meticulously crafted official art cinematic Ultrahigh HD Picture Sharp details realistic photo-realistic film grain beautiful image Dramatic light perfect lighting cinematic lighting Ray_Tracing reflection light perfect shading soft light volumetric lighting light particles smooth face extremely detailed face beautiful face perfect face atural makeup lora:Humanoid monster A:1,inem Humanoid monster no humans lora:Mild detail adjusterV10_4:0.5 lora:more_details:0.5 , lora:ayami-style:0.5 AYAMI STYLE lora:Elixir:0.8 lora:b1bl1c4l:0.6 lora:gradient monsters:0.4,MONSTER GIRL, lora:原生:0.5