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serenity_v1 malcolmrey Serenity photo hasselblad intricate natural lighting matte skin wrinkles freckles:0.5 bokeh pores vibrant colors fire in the background red hair close up portrait RAW photo of sks woman inspired by fallout Mad Max and Waterworld absurdres detailed face post apocalyptic atmosphere in 1930' an sks woman in rugged power armor holding a rifle with both hands junkyard debris trash junk cars fill up the streets rust corrosion sense of scale sublime beauty of the grandiose environment epic cinematic composition volumetric lighting defined lines blurred background saturated colors strong bloom photorealistic panorama by Ed Blinkey Atey Ghailan by Jeremy Mann Greg Manchess Antonio Moro High Detail Sharp focus dramatic by greg rutkowski realism beautiful and detailed lighting shadows by Jeremy Lipking by Antonio J. Manzanedo by Frederic Remington by HW Hansen by Charles Marion Russell by William Herbert Dunton Detailed portrait cyberpunk sks person futuristic neon reflective wear sci-fi robot parts ismail inceoglu dragan bibin hans thoma greg rutkowski alexandros pyromallis nekro rene margitte illustrated perfect face machine face fine details realistic shaded elegant detailed film still of portrait neon operator sks woman in the movie blade runner messy ponytail cyberpunk futuristic neon reflective puffy coat decorated with traditional japanese by smail inceoglu dragan bibin hans thoma greg rutkowski alexandros pyromallis nekro illustrated fine - face pretty face
locon_perfecteyes_v1_from_v1_64_32 add_detail breastInClass CyberpunkStyleV3 rundiffusionFX_v10 RunDiffusion RunDiffusion FX Photorealistic 8k RAW photo best quality masterpiece:1.2 beautiful cg model face:1.3 photorealistic:1.2 Little Red Riding Hood stepped onto the dimly lit rain-soaked streets of Neo-Tokyo her presence juxtaposed against the neon-lit billboards and towering futuristic structures that surrounded her. Her figure petite yet enigmatic was cloaked in a long weathered trench coat tattered and worn revealing the wear and tear of countless treks through the unforgiving urban landscape. A crimson hood:1.3 concealed her face casting shadows over her porcelain skin which bore the ethereal glow of a woman untainted by the grit and grime of the city. Her piercing eyes framed by thick lashes held a hint of defiance amidst their innocent allure reflecting the cold artificial glow of the city's ever-present lights. Beneath her cloak she wore a dark ensemble that seemed to defy the passage of time. A fitted bodysuit and cargo pants hugged her lithe form the fabric a blend of traditional elegance and futuristic resilience exuding a sense of mystery and danger. An intricate network of circuit-like patterns adorned the suit pulsating with subtle luminescence as if mirroring the hidden complexities within her very being. Little Red Riding Hood's feet were clad in heavy knee-high tech boots their polished surface reflecting the chaotic kaleidoscope of colors that danced across the rain-soaked pavement. With each step she left a trail of prints that seemed to fade away as quickly as they appeared symbolizing her transient existence in this ever-changing metropolis. In her hand she clutched a compact device a hybrid of old and new technologies. Its sleek metallic casing bore the scratches and scuffs of countless encounters a testament to the dangers she faced in her clandestine journeys. The device emitted a soft pulsating light casting an eerie glow upon her delicate features as she navigated the labyrinthine streets. As Little Red Riding Hood traversed the darkened alleys a symphony of electronic sounds accompanied her every move echoing the dissonant harmonies of a world teetering on the edge of chaos. The rain cascading down around her seemed to bow to her presence as if recognizing the enigmatic power she wielded in this ever-evolving urban jungle. She was an enigma a figure both innocent and formidable a fragile beauty wrapped in the trappings of a decaying future. Little Red Riding Hood embodied the essence of a world suspended between reality and illusion her existence a reflection of the blurred boundaries between man and machine as if she herself were a question awaiting an answer in the depths of a sprawling dystopian city. lora:locon_perfecteyes_v1_from_v1_64_32:0.75 detailed lora:add_detail:0.5 lora:breastInClass:0.25 immersive atmosphere absurdres lora:CyberpunkStyleV3:0.5 RAW candid cinema 16mm color graded portra 400 film remarkable color ultra realistic remarkable photorealistic eyes realistic dull skin visible skin detail subtle facial hair dry skin shot with cinematic camera Photorealistic Hyperrealistic Hyperdetailed analog style matte skin soft lighting subsurface scattering realistic heavy shadow golden ratio Intricate High Detail film photography soft focus