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JuggernautXL_v8Rundiffusion images generated with AI

Nicholas Cage Ana De Armas Linus Sebastian Ken Bek Henry Cavill Hrithik Roshan Princess Leia Alice Wonderbang Diego Rodriguez Doig Paul Cuffaro Jensen Ackles StormtrooperXLV1 juggernautXL_v8Rundiffusion KandooAI Juggernaut XL stormtrooper Samurai wearing samurai kimono studio light rim light sakura flower filigree motif shallow depth of field highly detailed high budget star wars film still bokeh cinemascope moody epic gorgeous film grain grainy grim cinematic masterwork by head of prompt engineering lora:add-detail-xl:1 lora:xl_more_art-full_v1:0.5 lora:StormtrooperXLV1:0.66 macro photo a beautiful translucent glass dragon frog that glows within glowing lights beautiful waterfall made out of multicolored transparent delicate glass magical sparkles vibrant whimsical colors lora:ral-beer:1 made of ral-beer cute giant fluffy cat obliterating large city tanks jets army highrise kicking through a building lora:xl_more_art-full_v1:1 illustration-style picture of a biomechanical entity. The entity is a fusion of technology and nature with a helmet that resembles a diving suit its surface covered in verdant moss handing a flower to viewer twisting vines and bright exotic flowers. Its arms are heavy and robotic adorned with peaceful symbols and patterns. The backdrop is an enchanted swamp filled with a mystical fog gnarly trees and a spectrum of swamp flora. Fireflies dot the air with their luminescent glow. The illustration should have a whimsical and fantastical feel with vibrant colors and a hand-drawn quality that emphasizes the enchanting aspects of the scene and the organic-meets-mechanical theme. Vessels_Style_SDXL A crystal ball
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