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Daisey Ridley dreamshaperNOTOwnedBy_4BakedVae SDKoh Daisy Ridley [Embedding] A captivating ultra-realistic image of koh_daisyridley:1.3 as a sexy As female Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed dressed in the signature white hooded robe parkouring across a beautifully rendered Renaissance-era cityscape leaping from rooftop to rooftop or engaging in stealthy combat vivid colors high-resolution 8k quality detailed architecture true to the Assassin's Creed series.:1.3 wearing skimpy sexy revealing outfit while Running pose 4k high quality best artwork in the world masterpiece dim volumetric lighting 8 k octane beautifully detailed render extremely hyper detailed intricate epic composition cinematic lighting trending on artstation very very detailed stunning hdr smooth sharp focus award winning photo dslr elegant highly detailed digital painting artstation concept art illustration wearing excessive makeup Blush Mascara Eyebrow pencil Eyeshadow Eyeliner Lip liner Lip gloss Dramatic lashes:1.3 Cut crease Ombre lips Graphic eyeliner extreme makeup eye shadow lipstick excessive makeup Earrings extravagant Necklace Choker Pendant Bracelet Anklet Ring Brooch Nose ring Eyebrow piercing Lip piercing Navel piercing:1.4 Body chains:1.4 Arm cuff Scarf Gold Silver Diamond Ruby Sapphire Emerald Pearl Opal Amethyst Turquoise Jade Garnet Rose Tanzanite belt made of jewels:1.3 belts elaborate accessories:1.2 neckless bracelets jewelry:1.2 many accessories diamonds jades rubies precious stones expensive jewelry elaborate jewelry extravagant intricate designs and studded with dazzling gemstones:1.3 sparkling diamonds adorned and embellished with jewelry:1.3 accentuating the contours and edges of her clothing intricate designs and bejeweled patterns sophistication and luxury