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testv2 aigirl951877 realidefmix Lens Flare:0.4 depth of field highres photoreaslistic extreme detailed 4K shape focus Professional lighting:1.2 no make-up 8K UHD:1.2 realistic light layer perfect details:1.1 masterpiece ultra hi res distinct image amazing awesome exquisitely extremely finely hyper intricate super ultimate ultra wonderful detailed:1.4 High quality shadow parted_lips 14yo teenage slender face white_skin highly detailed fair skin highly detailed white skin highly detailed lustrous skin Collarbone-length hair disheveled hair Blunt bangs Highlights Shag haircut aquamarine eye color medium breasts suggestive look undressing:0.1 detailed perfect face pretty body aegyo sal korean beauty kpop idol:1.1 smile:1.2 long hair platinum hair large breast intricate details:1.22 beautiful detailed:1.1 realistic colourful:1.1 finely detailed:1.1 drawn by mochizuki kei:1.34 limited palette:1.1 face shadow:1.16 two-tone eyes:1.1 focus face:1.16 focus Character:1.1 colourful shadow:1.1 Golden hair short hair highly detailed latex showroom hands down bunnygirl leotard:1.5 highly detailed bunny paw gloves animal hands:1.22 black shorts front tie white shirts:1.1 Dark light brown eyes ahoge lora:pastelmix-lora:0.2 face close up shiny eyes looking at viewer soft smile blush dynamic lighting seductive look no bra partially unzipped pants skirt lift beautiful_mistake-8500:0.7 wide hips:1.1 high nose:1.4 tall nose:1.5 thin waist:1.4 slender waist shorts thin waist:1.4 BREAK Lean back on your heels with your arms stretched out behind you kneel colorful windy hair blowing hair floating hair extremely fine and beautiful best illumination lora:3dCGStyleRealistic_v10:1:INS