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NAIFreeModel Sample randomdude01 WaifuDreamer-Anime v1 bsurdres highres ultra detailed extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper realistic photo-realistic RAW photo beautiful detailed face pale skin realistic glistening skin detailed cloth texture detailed hair texture BREAK 1girl:1.3 20 year old girl sexy poses standing:1.2 supermodel:1.2 slender:1 large breasts:1.2 plump thighs:1.1 detailed black hair:1.2 long hair:1.2 floating hair bangs brown eyes:1.2 Perfect Eyes Symmetry Eyes bustier:1.3 garter belt:1.3 panties:1.3 stockings:1.3 perfect hand small hand very slim legs very thin legs very slender legs long legs very detailed legs soft light rim light two tone lighting BREAK full body:1.5 multiple views split view:1.2 close-up face close-up upper body close-up breasts:1.1 Colorful Backgrounds:1.3 White square:1.3 borders:0.8 expressive lettering lettering art expressive styles unique design:1.2 calligraphy creative typography:1.1 one male engineer medium curly hair from side mechanics circuit board steampunk machine studio table science fiction high contrast high key cinematic light masterpiece top quality best quality official art beautiful and aesthetic:1.3 extreme detailed highest detailed ultra high res:1.2 1girl abstract art:1.3 half demon ultra high res abstract art:1.4 bleeding color visually stunning beautiful evocative emotional side view three-faced painting:1.7precision drawing:1.7//style Maximalism:1.8 vivid contrast Gustav Klimt typography lettering arts Japanese style letters:1.8 BREAK //quality and character realistic super photo realistic illustration ultla detailed absurdres //emotion thoughtful expression pensive reflective contemplative determined expression resolute purposeful firm anxious expression worried uneasy apprehensive BREAK //background white background:1.5 BREAK //effect colorful:1.5 blooming light effect suspended moments distorted reality kaleidoscopic views papier coll paper collage layered compositions varied textures abstract designs artistic juxtapositions mixed-media approach