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zeekars edgeOfRealism_edgeOfRealismBakedVAE AreThoseLevel4Plates Edge Of Realism Create a cinematic filmic image 4k 8k with George Miller's Mad Max style. The image should be captured in a wide-angle view and depict single a post-apocalyptic V8 muscle car. The car's paint is a black covered in a spots of rust and thin layer of smooth dust and dirt making it appear rugged and gritty but with visible black color The car's body should be sleek and aerodynamic giving it a low and aggressive stance that conveys power and speed. The front of the car should feature a distinctive front nose cone with rectangular lights that adds to its intimidating appearance. The car's wheels should be large and sturdy with thick tires that can handle the rough terrain of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. The rims should be made of durable metal with a unique design that showcases the car's individuality. In addition the car should have eight exhaust side pipes. The car should also feature a Weiand 6-71 supercharger mounted on the hood protruding through the bonnet. Car should be designed to look both powerful and functional built to withstand the harsh conditions of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. The image should be ultra-realistic with high-resolution captured in natural light. The lighting should create soft shadows and showcase the raw and vibrant colors of the car. The image should be a highly-detailed photography set in a post-nuclear fallout like setting conveying a sense of danger and grittiness. The final image should be a masterpiece with a realistic portrayal of the Interceptor that is both intimidating and awe-inspiring. Background should contain empty desert highway image takes place before the storm with the hot summer sun still shining brightly in the sky but in the distance the sky is a dark and foreboding shade of blue hinting at an impending storm lora:zeekars:1
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