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SumerianArchitecture Terminate_yiu_v20 XSArchi_127 radiant_vibes XSarchitectural XSArchi_127新科幻Neo Sci-Fi masterpiece:1.3 best quality:1.2 chiaroscuro Unreal Engine CGI render Hyperdetailed vivid colors modern era photograph ultra high quality model 8k Ultra HD perfect composition beautiful detailed intricate insanely detailed octane render soft natural volumetric cinematic perfect light perfect depth of field shot ray tracing photometry beautiful metallic deep colors subsurface scattering ultra realistic photorealism:1.1 8 k artistic photography absurdly detailed scenery city buildings idealized American city busy city center parks and greenery areas parks plazas skyscrapers sumerian monumental architecture cuneiform nisroch uploaded and trending on imgur pixiv furaffinity pinterest e621 inkbunny tumblr deviantart artstation in the style of and art by midjourney greg rutkowski raphael Frank Lloyd Wright James Gurney Thomas Kinkade lora:SumerianArchitecture:0.85 lora:Terminate_yiu_v20:0.3 Terminate lora:xsarchitectural-19Houseplan:0.3 science fiction war between two cities on mars spaceship high-tech night prospect moonlight reflection sacred landscape bright fhd 4k high-resolution realistic surrealistic super wide angle shot canon 5d v-ray quixel megascans render sintane render lora:XSArchi_127:0.3 lora:xsarchitectural-21Futuretechnologycity:0.3 bird 's-eye view fantastic atmosphere river fantastic sense of light future high-tech buildings a spaceship in the air science fiction dense city laser super high-rise building hyper quality high detail full details ultra wide shot architectural visualisationquixel megascans render octane render
AdlerianEagle chaoswarrior thousandsons anymen_V4FinalUpdate ewolf Anymen CGI Animation masterpiece:1.3 eagle muscular anthro detailed eyes detailed face eagle anthro muscular male cinematic extreme low angle shot full body shot with feet perfect proportions evil villain narcissist smug smile condescending gaze handsome! Tzeentch's power made manifest hail Tzeentch masterwork oil painting oil on canvas Warhammer 40K official artwork glowing blue eyes sapphire blue robe sapphire blue armor Aethermatic Blue eagle teal feathers metallic blue body Aethermatic Blue skin magenta accents the eagle is reveling in his newfound strength and power eye of Tzeentch medallion and pendant and symbols made of gold and blue and an ever changing pearlescent rainbow of colors magnificent plumage magnificent voluminous cape with gold and magenta accents mighty feathered wings Silver Tower of Tzeentch dark stormy multicolored skies of swirling chaos with kaleidoscopic bursts of magical energy silver lightning daemon prince of Tzeentch absolutely brilliant sorcerer Staff of Tzeentch Tzeentchian runes and icons bedecking his wargear Baleful Sword Lord of Change Mark of Tzeentch leads and controls and endless legion of Rubric Marines Indomitable potent psychic powers cinematic character render ultra high quality model 8k Ultra HD perfect composition beautiful detailed intricate insanely detailed octane render trending on artstation 8 k artistic photography photorealistic concept art soft natural volumetric cinematic perfect light chiaroscuro perfect depth of field shot ray tracing photometry vivid and vibrant colors art by Chunie jiandou darkgem midjourney lora:AdlerianEagle:0.65 lora:chaoswarrior:0.65 tzeentch chaos sorcerer absurdly detailed lora:thousandsons:0.65 thousandsons armor magic glowing