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1980s_Fantasy_Style_SDXL Black_Goo CBarkerAIXL dark_fantasy_art SDXL_Sacred_beast Dark_Novel RMSDXL_Darkness_Cinema RMSDXL_Creative stylesqueeze_v3_xl AI_CREAT0R_XL_V4 pAInCREAT0R AI_CREAT0R_XL - ARTISTIC lora:1980s_Fantasy_Style_SDXL:0.3 1980s fantasy style lora:Black_Goo:0.3 Black goo Black liquid lora:CBarkerAIXL:0.3 horror theme cbarkerai lora:dark_fantasy_art:0.3 dissolve lora:DonMN1gh7D3m0nXL-v1.1-000008:0.1 donmn1gh7d3m0nxl lora:Fleshmutant_R2-000003:0.3 fleshmutant cybermutant lora:SDXL_Sacred_beast:0.25 bj_sacred_beast lora:Tim_Burton_Painting_Style_SDXL-000009:0.2 tim burton style lora:Dark_Novel:0.2 woman lora:xl_more_art-full_v1:0.5 lora:WowifierXL-V2:0.3 lora:RMSDXL_Darkness_Cinema:1 lora:RMSDXL_Creative:0.3 lora:stylesqueeze_v3_xl:0.3 lora:add-detail-xl:0.3 lora:Cinematic Hollywood Film:0.3 Cinematic Hollywood Film Cinematic Hollywood Film style Ultra-HD-details glow effects godrays Hand drawn render 8k octane render cinema 4d blender dark atmospheric 4k ultra detailed cinematic Sharp focus big depth of field Masterpiece colors 3d octane render 4k concept art trending on artstation hyperrealistic Vivid colors extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper trending on CGSociety Intricate High Detail dramatic atmospheric 8k ultra detailed HDR image true to life image soft eyes natural skin high detailed face high detailed cloth film photography cinematic lighting very detailed 4K HQ depth of field HDR High contrast shadows bokeh detailed skin texture detailed clothing detailed background highly detailed skin realistic texture realistic shadows true to life High detail resolution vintage realistic f/1.2 Leica 8K HDR detailed and realistic skin texture detailed skin 8K HDR photo accurate to life living image lifelike Thorough analog style female focus highest quality perfect face skin pores bokeh:0.6 dappled lighting backlighting:0.7 film grain photographed on a Sony A7R IV 18mm F/1.7 cine lens highly detailed intricately detailed front view full body visible:1.2
Laura model Sniteur Laura sci-fi cinematic style space station docking on a distant planet hi-tech dramatic angle digital art:0.9 neon colors perfect composition:1.5 art by Simon Stlenhag futuristic design detailed machinery large canvas:0.6 dramatic lighting action-packed emotion by Vitaly Bulgarov by Jama Jurabaev 3D modeling realistic texture impressive details immersive atmosphere high contrast eye-catching attention-grabbing science fiction mood gritty dark sleek technical edgy unusual intriguing innovative bold dynamic sci-fi setting. cinematic highly detailed photorealistic cinematic composition cinematic high detail ultra realistic cinematic lighting portrait painting photorealistic Cinematic Color Grading portrait Photography Shot on 50mm lense Ultra-Wide Angle Depth of Field hyper-detailed beautifully color-coded beautifully color graded Editorial Photography Photography Photoshoot Shot on 70mm lense DOF Tilt Blur Shutter Speed 1/1000 F/22 White Balance 32k Super-Resolution Megapixel ProPhoto RGB Halfrear Lighting Backlight Natural Lighting Beautiful Lighting Accent Lighting Global Illumination Screen Space Global Illumination Ray Tracing Global Illumination Optics Scattering Glowing Shadows Rough Shimmering Ray Tracing Reflections Lumen Reflections Screen Space Reflections Diffraction Grading Chromatic Aberration GB Displacement Scan Lines Ray Traced Ray Tracing Ambient Occlusion Anti-Aliasing FKAA TXAA RTX SSAO Shaders OpenGL-Shaders GLSL-Shaders Post Processing Post-Production Cel Shading Tone Mapping CGI VFX SFX elegant dynamic pose 8k