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Evan Rachel Wood images generated with AI

Evan Rachel Wood lora_evan_rachel_wood aZovyaRPGArtistTools_v2 malcolmrey Evan Rachel Wood Generate best quality masterpiece image set in 1920 with detailed linework dynamic shading and backlight. The image portrays a young and alluring british tomboy who is a hoodlum:1.2 and a gangster. The woman is dressed in men cloths:1.2 a grey tweed vest with suspenders and equipped with brass knuckles showcasing the woman's rebellious nature and her association with the underworld. The setting is an interwar 1920 london with visible industrial and red brick buildings. Her features are highlighted with detailed attention particularly her eyes adorned with black wingded eyeliner and black smudged eyeshadow. The woman has a slim physique emphasizing her tomboyish charm. Her face is flushed blushed and is defined with meticulous shading and her mouth is rendered with high resolution. Her hair is short with shaved sides The image should convey a high level of detail capturing the spirit of the era and her personality. The overall composition should exude a sense of mystery and allure. lora:lora_evan_rachel_wood:1 RealisticVision_v30 full color portrait of sks woman nude:1.0 oiled shiny skin:1.0 undercut hair best quality sharp focus highres 8k uhd ultra-detailed rim light grey background lora:CR-EvanRachelWood_v1lycoris-malcolmrey:1.2 locon_evan_v1_from_v1_64_32 DriveE_civitai_edgeOfRealism_eorV20Fp16BakedVAE portrait RAW photo of sks woman medium breasts tan dewy skin sweaty skin wavy hair punk tshirt punk lora:locon_evan_v1_from_v1_64_32:1.25 WyvernMix_9.0 an epic cinematic film still of sks woman blond hair closeup Aetherpunk-inspired interior The interior should reflect the Aetherpunk theme featuring a mix of futuristic and Victorian elements with ornate steampunk decor aetheric lighting and an atmosphere of otherworldly enchantment aetherpunk-inspired aetherpunk aesthetic. The woman should be the central focus dressed in Aetherpunk fashion that blends Victorian clothing with advanced technology such as intricate clockwork accessories luminescent aether crystals and cybernetic enhancements. The woman should exude an air of mystery and determination in this fusion of past and future aesthetics wavy mohawk hairstyle more_details Vibrant_Movies AbsoluteReality_1.8.1 sks woman confident posture
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