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Sophie Turner images generated with AI

Sophie Turner lora_sophie_v1_from_v1_160 icbinpICantBelieveIts_final malcolmrey Sophie Turner lora:lora_sophie_v1_from_v1_160:1.2 a stunning photo of sks woman smirking natural lighting epic character composition sharp focus film grain add_detail cyberrealistic_v40 damocles_aaa lora:sptrn2-24:1 a photo of sptrn red hair long straight hair wearing jacket shoes bare legs full body masterpiece city street neon lights extreme dof bokeh lora:add_detail:1 add_detail:1.3 sd_xl_base_1.0_0.9vae razzz Sophie Turner SDXL a forest Nymph ohwx woman lora:sophie_lora_sdxl_v1-000008:1 in the style of studio Ghibli and Charlie Bowater trending on artstation deviantart pinterest furaffinity detailed realistic HD 8k high resolution hd shading photorealistic highlights & shadow ray - tracing reflections depth field unreal engine 5 4 k post processing extremely hyperdetailed intricate futuristic awe inspiring bruce pennington cityscape digital painting cyberpunk atmosphere highly details cinematic lightning colorful vibrant lens flare lighting neon colors by Paul Lehr giger beksinski!! 2049 award winning masterpiece with incredible color glowing rich bright back Portrait of ohwx woman lora:sophie_lora_sdxl_v1-000008:1 as super Mario red hat fantasy highly detailed digital painting artstation concept art illustration art by Tony Sart and artgerm and randy vargas sophie_lora_sdxl_v1 dreamshaperXL10_alpha2Xl10 a full height photograph:1.2 of ohwx woman:1.3 by Alyssa Monks:1.1 beautiful lighting 8k high res Nikon Z9 Award - winning photograph athletic body A form-fitting white turtleneck sweater dress with long sleeves paired with black ankle boots with silver studs and a black wool fedora. The dress shows off the silhouette of the body while the boots and fedora add a touch of sophistication. lora:sophie_lora_sdxl_v1:1 realisticVisionV30_v30VAE frankyfrank2k RAW real photo portrait sph on a boat wearing a wet black t-shirt
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