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Kwon Eun-bi (born February 6, 1998) is a South Korean singer and dancer. She is best known as the leader and main vocalist of the girl group IZ*ONE, formed through the reality show "Produce 48" in 2018.

Eun-bi was born in Seoul, South Korea. She started her training at JYP Entertainment when she was 12 years old but later moved to Woolim Entertainment in 2015. Before debuting with IZ*ONE, she appeared in MBC's "Show! Music Core" as a backup dancer for Red Velvet.

Eun-bi has a powerful and versatile vocal range, which allows her to sing both high and low notes with ease. She is also known for her charismatic stage presence and her ability to connect with the audience. Her unique vocal color and expressive delivery have earned her praise from fans and critics alike.

Aside from her musical talents, Eun-bi is also known for her visuals, with her striking features and captivating stage presence making her a popular figure in the K-pop industry. She is also known for her playful and bubbly personality, which shines through in her interviews and social media interactions.

IZ*ONE made their debut on October 29, 2018, with their first single album "Color*IZ." The group quickly gained popularity with their debut title track "La Vie en Rose," and have since released several successful singles and EPs. Eun-bi has been a consistent member of the group's lineup and has been praised for her leadership and vocal abilities.

Outside of her activities with IZ*ONE, Eun-bi has also participated in various collaborations and projects. She has lent her vocals to several OSTs for Korean dramas, including "Love Alarm" and "Hotel del Luna." She has also collaborated with other artists, such as Hwang Chi-yeul and Lee Woo-jin.

Eun-bi is also active on social media, where she interacts with fans and shares glimpses of her daily life. She is known for her playful and humorous posts, as well as her beautiful visuals. She is also a popular figure on fan communities, where fans praise her vocal abilities, stage presence, and charming personality.

Overall, Kwon Eun-bi is a talented and charismatic singer and dancer, who has quickly made a name for herself in the K-pop industry. With her powerful vocals, captivating stage presence, and playful personality, she is a beloved figure among fans and a rising star in the world of K-pop.

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