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Disha Patani epiNoiseoffset_v2 disha_lora cyberrealistic_v20 blue_zima_blue Disha Patani photorealistic:1.5 realistic:1.4 realism:1.2 photorealism:1.3 hyper-realistic:1.1 vibrant:1.2 detailed:1.5 ultra detail:1.3 High Detail:1.2 highly detailed:1.1 female skin texture:1.0 realistic female skin texture:1.2 lots of fine detail:1.3 sharp focus:1.0 absurdres:1.2 8K:1.2 Ultra-HD:1.1 high resolution:1.5 ultra high res:1.3 high definition:1.4 digital art 8k HD:1.1 masterpiece:1.2 best quality:1.5 highest quality:1.4 rich colors:1.3 lifelike female texture:1.1 dramatic lighting:1.2 cinematic:1.0 cinematic lighting:1.3 Realistic Lighting:1.4 depth of field:1.1 natural shadows:1.2 atmospheric perspective:1.1 color harmony:1.3 balanced composition:1.0 ambient occlusion:1.2 subsurface scattering:1.1 reflections:1.0 soft lighting:1.0 lens flare:0.5 crisp edges:1.2 chiaroscuro:1.1 anisotropic shading:1.0 global illumination:1.3 three-point lighting:1.1 rule of thirds:1.0 emotional impact:1.2 visual hierarchy:1.0 focal point:1.3 texture variation:1.1 female subject:1.5 elegant pose:1.2 expressive eyes:1.3 natural makeup:1.2 smooth complexion:1.3 radiant skin:1.0 flowing hair:1.2 balanced facial proportions:1.4 natural smile:1.1 captivating gaze:1.3 graceful neck:1.0 delicate jawline:1.1 feminine features:1.2 harmonious color palette:1.0 youthful appearance:1.3 healthy glow:1.1 well-defined nose:1.0 captivating aura:1.2 elegant attire:1.3 intricate jewelry:1.1 fashionable clothing:1.3 stylish accessories:1.2 hair ornament:1.0 1girl background An abandoned mortuary with embalming tables and coffins:1.2 lora:epiNoiseoffset_v2:0.5 d1sha lora:disha_lora:0.80