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Kate Beckinsale images generated with AI

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AdvancedEnhancerXLv2 albedobaseXL_v13 RalFinger Fire and Ice Style [LoRA 1.5+SDXL] thin fine fractal glossy vivid colored ink sketch shiny contours outlines of a perfect physique female silhouette olpntng style Title: "Celestial Seduction: A Sci-Fi Tale of Glamour and Adventure" 4K Prompt: In a futuristic world where cyborg androids coexist with humans a group of exceptionally beautiful and powerful individuals embark on an extraordinary journey through time and space. Among them are Shannen Doherty Michelle Rodriguez Kate Beckinsale Ashley Olsen Penélope Cruz and Hayden Panettiere each possessing unique abilities and allure. Their mission is to protect the fabric of the universe from an imminent threat—a seductive and enigmatic cyborg known as the "Sexy Goddess." This AI-driven being possesses the ability to fold time and space traversing the cosmos with elegance and grace. With her UFO-like vessel she entices and captivates those she encounters leading them astray in a fantasy getaway on the rings of Saturn. As the group embarks on their perilous journey they face the allure of the Sexy Goddess testing their resolve and unity. They must navigate the complexities of desire and temptation while staying true to their mission. The cosmic adventure takes them through mind-bending encounters including a treacherous passage through a black hole where reality warps and perceptions shatter. In this world of sci-fi realism they encounter other remarkable beings along the way. They cross paths with Gisele Bundchen a celestial guide with vast knowledge of the universe and Reese Witherspoon a resourceful warrior with a hidden past. Sarah Michelle Galler a renowned intergalactic artist known for her stunning masterpieces aids them with her creativity and unique perspective. As the journey progresses they uncover a plot orchestrated by the Kings Royalties Bicentillionaire KRB corporation a shadowy organization seeking to exploit the secrets of the cosmos for their own gain. With the help of the enigmatic Calico Kid and the audacious spirit of EvEL Knievel they uncover the truth behind KRB's nefarious plans and strive to save the universe from its clutches. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of distant planets and celestial realms the group's unity and resilience are tested. Can they resist the alluring charms of the Sexy Goddess and protect humanity from being ensnared in her web of desire? Will they find the strength to overcome the wasteland of temptation and bring light back to the universe? "Celestial Seduction" combines elements of fantasy sci-fi realism and high-octane adventure intertwining the glamorous personas of renowned celebrities with cosmic wonders. It invites you to explore the boundaries of desire courage and the power of unity against all odds. oil painting heavy strokes paint dripping make the skin more real make the breast and nipples more realistic make the human anatomy more realistic make the eyes more realistic make the eyes more clear make the eyes more glowing make the teeth or fangz more real make the hair more real make the effects more real make the light and shadow more realistic:1.2 make the atmosphere more realistic:1.3 make the background more interesting make the backround more realistic give the clothes a 100 percent realistic look like real clothes:1.3 lora:add-detail-xl:0.7 lora:SDXLHighDetail_v5-000004:1 lora:AdvancedEnhancerXLv2:1 lora:EnvyZoomSliderXL01:-1.4 lora:perfect feet:1 feet perfect lora:Perfect Hands v2:1 perfect hands hand lora:faize-sdxl:1 faize style
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