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DeepBlue XL images generated with AI

Shaun Tan deepblueXL_v020 tkvier DeepBlue XL 1 girl. clean atmosphere. troubled expression. speech bubble says "404 ERROR?" break. metal box in front of the girl. text "404" written on the front of the metal box. break. uniform beautiful skin. oily skin. an extremely delicate and beautiful. ultra detailed. clear eyes Exact Physics. Perfect anatomy best quality. break. blue hair messy hair. absurdly long hair. liquid eyeliner coral eye color. a dragon hoards treasure in a mountain. AuroraStyle cute girl wearing red Christmas dress is hugging happy reindeer snowy forest moonlight Christmas trees sparkles sparkling clothes sparkling eyes cute girl wearing red Christmas dress is holding Christmas present big smile surrounded by small woodland animals 1man from above dutch angle overhead shot phantom thief running across the roof holding a picture frame:0.5 silk hat the shadow of the phantom thief illuminated by the searchlight from the helicopter is "404Man" text logo:1.5 dynamic pose super fine concept art poster art 70's style monochrome background dark red tone Christmas scene with a cute Blue Epoch Elves among blue and silver decorations smile twinkling lights entwined through pine branches gleaming candles casting a warm glow over the glossy leaves and reflective baubles holiday cheer encapsulated in the arrangement soft-focus background with bokeh effect from distant Christmas lights fluffy lights holiday atmosphere ultra-fine digital painting golden ratio composition. DeepBlueXL041 Illustration of a sleek black albatross equipped with a full-body assassin suit complete with hidden blades a utility belt and a sinister gaze perched on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean with an air of mystery and danger Positive prompt: neon noir an evil gnome cinematic scene solo style of Slawomir Maniak symmetric view ultra realistic
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