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SDXL Salma Hayek images generated with AI

Salma Hayek ainow SDXL Salma Hayek A photorealistic sketch of Salma Hayek in a corporate business meeting wearing a tailored suit with soft ambient lighting in an upscale office environment with neutral and professional colors in a third-person perspective rendered in 2D in the style of realism conveying a serious and focused emotion with a touch of dramatic effect A photo of Salma Hayek woman cooking a meal in her kitchen wearing cook clothess with ring light illumination in an indoor modern kitchen setting during the evening with warm and inviting colors in a close-up perspective in the style of Norman Rockwell expressing a content and homely feeling film still effect. A vibrant pghoto of Salma Hayek woman enjoying a casual day with friends wearing a turtleneck sweater:1.2 under soft neon lighting at a bustling outdoor café on a sunny and bright day with pastel colors in a first-person perspective in the style of impressionism conveying a joyful and relaxed emotion cinematic epic action. A subtle watercolor of Salma Hayek woman in a moment of quiet reflection wearing a turtleneck sweater with soft ambient light in a tranquil indoor space on a cloudy day with soft and dark colors in an aerial perspective in the style of Japanese ink painting conveying a sense of peace and introspection dramatic A photo-realistic image of salma hayek woman in a turtleneck sweater sitting on a patio sunny day fall walking on a calm beach palm trees blue sky focused on practicing her lines with ambient lighting in an indoor rehearsal studio featuring minimalistic and monochrome colors in the style of charcoal drawing conveying an atmosphere of concentration and dedication dramatic.
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