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Golden hour:0.5 images generated with AI

Mike Branson Alizée Amélie Oudéa-Castéra Jenifer Da Silva Bautista Ava Addams epicphotogasm_z razputin Mike Branson full body professional photo of mike_branson lora:mike_branson-08:0.75 wearing a modern fitted athletic outfit short-sleeved compression shirt in a bold color compression shorts and running shoes posing on a well-maintained football field goalposts in the background natural sunlight golden hour:0.5 warm soft flattering lighting gwench duchaitenjourney_v56723 Ggrue Game of Thrones Cast gwench lora:gwench:1 a woman wearing polo shirt and chino pants bedroom Alizée - French Singer alizee epic_photonism alizee lora:alizee:0.8 a woman wearing Zip-up hoodie and tracksuit bottoms toundra Amélie Oudéa-Castéra - French Minister oudeacastera photon_v1 lora:oudeacastera:0.9 oudeacastera a woman wearing bodysuit and trousers mountains @IJenz - Jenifer Da Silva Bautista - Twitch Streamer ijenz lora:ijenz:0.9ijenz a woman wearing puffer jacket and leggings highway Ava Addams - Pornstar avaaddams avaaddams lora:avaaddams:1 a maure woman wearing turtleneck shirt and jeans city skyline epiCPhoto Realistic_Vision_V5.1_fp16-no-ema professional photo of mike_branson lora:mike_branson-08:0.75 wearing a college football uniform football jersey football pants and cleats holding a football helmet under one arm standing on a well-maintained grass field with goalposts in the background stadium bleacher dynamic athletic feel warm soft lighting nostalgic mood mergedAmateurs_mixedAmateurs café
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